Friday, August 24, 2012

The benefits of Play and How to Make a Tug Toy | Purebred Breeders Reviews

Tug-o-war was once believed to be a game that taught dogs aggression; however, the newly recognized benefits are showing that the game has the ability to do the exact opposite. The key is to know how to teach the pooch the game, how the activity is controlled, and how the owner manages the dog’s behavior afterwards. But Purebred Breeders Reviews has not only learned about the benefits, the team has also found a cool way for you to make your own tug toys.

The Benefits of Playing Tug

The perfect way to train your dog to play this game includes teaching the dog to catch, tug, and then release. He or she should then remain calm in between each action. The game should also be limited, and the toy should be kept away from your four-legged friend when the two of you are not playing this game. Purebred Breeders Reviews understands that the purpose of this is to teach the dog to appreciate the time he or she gets to play with this specific toy.

When done right your pooch will get a lot of mental exercise. He or she will also learn how to remain calm in between release and the time when it is okay to tug again. In fact, it is considered to be a good calming technique for compulsive dogs; however, it is best not to engage a dog with a fixation. Experts recommend instead that the help of a canine behaviorist be sought. Discipline should also be taught, and Purebred Breeders Reviews feels that both parties get the physical as well as bonding benefits of the activity.

How to Make a Tug Toy

Purebred Breeders Reviews has found a fun, green way to enjoy a game of tug with your dog and all you need are about 20 strips of stretch knit fabric (1 inch by 20 inch); it’s the perfect chance to recycle an old pant or shirt that you have, but you can opt for new material if you choose.  Please note that the length and amount should be less if you have a small dog, but the amount is left up to you. The 20 strips at these dimensions are perfect for big dogs.

To make, simply divide the number of strips into two equal sets and twist them together. Knot close to the ends only, or knot at intervals if you prefer. Please remember also to leave enough fabric un-twisted for you to hold at either ends; it is that simple. Purebred Breeders Reviews knows recommends that you test the fabric before making the toy to ensure that it has not degraded to a point that it unravels or tears once tugged on. After that all that, all that is left for you to do is have fun.