Monday, July 9, 2012

Purebred Breeders LLC | Small Dogs as a Fashion Accessory

We read about fashion trends, a designer purse or designer jeans, but to many nothing is more controversial than designer pets. These are two of the major problems with "designer dogs for fashion", and Purebred Breeders LLC is sad to say that there has been an increase in the number of these dogs being taken into the animal shelters by owners who have either outgrown the phase or are unable to manage.

 Where it All Started

Purebred Breeders LLC feels it's safe to say that Hollywood is largely to be blame for the unfortunate phenomenon. The popularity of celebrities walking around with small dogs in their bags or celebrities spoiling the dogs beyond reasonable comprehension has spilled over into the lives of many. The problem is, it is hard to maintain the lifestyle without a big budget, it is time consuming, and many of those outside of the required income bracket to sustain such a habit are solely or personally responsible for the care of the dog.

Many celebrities on the other hand get a lot of help when they aren't parading their pampered pooches around. The reality is many of the dogs lack the training, socialization, and structure dogs need. Behavioral issues develop, the spending becomes too much, and sustaining the lifestyle simply becomes far more than was bargained for. This is why Purebred Breeders LLC always urges persons to think long term when buying or adopting pets.

The Result: More Dogs Ending Up in Shelters

In fact, three times the number of some breeds have been turned into shelters in the past year; the breeds mainly affected are Shih Tzu, Chihuahua and Bichon Frise. The Blue Cross has also acknowledged a spike in many designer breeds being dropped off and credit the behavioral problems resulting from being over-pampered for the decision. Shelters are seeing cases in which dogs have never been walked, refuse to walk no matter how hard they try, dogs that are afraid of leashes, and those that just do not know how to cope with being a normal dog.

What the shelter officials are finding is that many of these dogs were bought or adopted solely because they were trendy however, the owners did not consider the responsibility that comes with dog ownership. While most attempt to keep the dogs after the hype, far too many have abandoned them because they simply were not prepared. Purebred Breeders LLC would like to point out that owning a dog is no easy feat especially for first timers, and a lack of structure is a recipe for trouble. Also, dogs that are not made to understand they are dogs can become demanding, growl when they do not get their way, become destructive, or even jealous and hostile. It is therefore important that all variables be considered beforehand, and that dogs are not treated like humans.

How to Make a Doggy Pool | Reviews

Having fun this summer is a top priority for most dog owners, so too is keeping cool so why not combine the two? Today Reviews brings you a fun idea that is both economical and functional plus, it allows you to conserve and be green. Follow these steps to create a backyard swimming/doggy pool.

What You Need

An old tub that is big enough
A good secure location
Inflatable floaties
A few toys

What To Do

1. Simply put the tub where you want it, a shady area may be best, but you definitely want to put it someplace that will not get slippery when wet. The grass is best, especially when there are no worries about muddy paws.

2. Fill the tub to the desired level. How much water will depend on the size of the tub and the dog, the dog's ability to swim well, and the pool’s purpose. Do you want the pooch to just soak, waddle around, or swim?

3. Put on the floaties even if your dog swims well since you may have to move away for a while and you want to be sure the dog is safe.

4. Throw in the toys and allow the pooch to get in.

 After the Fun

Unless it gets messy, you can use the water to water plants, wash the driveway, or even rinse away excess dirt when washing outside furniture. reviews also recommends that you use it for things such as washing gutters or even wetting uncovered dirt to keep dust down if your area is windy. The team is also sure you can come up with other things to do with it, and you could even ask your vet for a safe product to use in the water that allows you to keep it for a few days so you do not have to drain your doggy pool too often.

Friday, July 6, 2012 Reviews Doggie Costumes for 4th of July

As avid dog lovers we include our canine companions in everything we can, and chances are many of us dress them up whenever we can get away with it. Luckily, the 4th of July is the perfect opportunity to do both! reviews went prowling for some past Independence Day costumes to help inspire you this year, and here are a few suggestions to help you get started.
1.       Anything with the stars and stripes or anything red, white and blue: The great thing about sticking to the stars and stripes or the nation’s colors is that you’re allowed you to play around and be as creative as you want.  This is even better if you sew or love crafting things because you can create unique costumes for your pooch and yourself (matching perhaps) to help the two of you stand out.

2.       Hats, bonnets, and bandanas: these are often made to reflect a certain era in history, pay homage to a certain character or invoke a role that was important to the period (e.g. an army general’s hat etc). The best part is they can be historically accurate or fun and quirky.

3.       Dresses and Tuxedos: if you are a History buff then you can dress your pooch like a lady or gent of the times. You can also portray important figures in history or channel the early forefathers with pilgrim outfits.

4.       Uniforms: these can be army outfits from either sides of the battle.

5.       Sunglasses: these are for the “cool” factor and the best part is, finding quirky and decorative ones made specifically for the holiday should be easy.
The thing that reviews loves the most about preparing for 4th of July is the tendency to look back at the nation’s history more deeply than the average person does on a day-today basis. Historically correct costumes or those that are inspired by specific events or people allow owners to delve into their history and will no doubt lead to photo ops that will make memory lane fun to revisit. Best of all, the pooches always look so cute! The entire Purebred Breeders team wishes you a Happy Independence Day!