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Bo Obama, The First Dog of the United States - Purebred Breeders

Many dogs have jobs that put them in the spotlight, but being the First Dog is on a whole different level. At least we’re sure that’s what Bo Obama would say if we could understand him. Bo is as active a part of the family as everyone else is with everything from TV shows, to conferences, and greeting guests of the White House. In fact, the little pooch has to make quite a number of appearances and attend events, which means his White house and media duties are almost never done. Add this to living a dog’s life, and it’s no wonder Purebred Breeders is smitten with the little cutie!

 How the Story Started

The search for the perfect First dog sparked many debates. People across the country were weighing in on the breed to get, there were critics who felt choosing a shelter dog was the only right thing to do, and there were concerns that any breed chosen might have sparked a breeding frenzy because its popularity was expected to soar. However, the family’s main concern was the need for a hypoallergenic dog. In the end the First family settled on a then 6-month old pup, a gift from Senator Ted Kennedy. Bo is a Portuguese water dog that had been returned to Kennedy by his previous owner, and as Purebred Breeders sees it, this is probably as good a second chance as they come.

The Portuguese Water Dog

Developed along the Iberian Peninsula, this breed served as a fisherman’s helper for centuries. The breed is a champion swimmer, almost doesn’t shed, is great for those who suffer from allergies, and now serves as therapy as well as assistance dogs. A breed that dangerously dwindled in numbers, the Portuguese water dog was saved by the efforts of Vasco Bensaude of Portugal through a breeding program, and was first introduced to the US in 1958. Common personality traits include being loyal, high-energy, and spirited. They seem to thrive on the attention that comes from being amusing, and are known to keep people laughing. They are also agile, affectionate, animated, and require lots of exercise.

Bo’s Public Appeal

Though there are jokes about him being naughty for things like stealing the show by barking or running across a reporter’s shot, the dog is loved by all who see and meet him. To begin with, he is cute and like most dog lovers Purebred Breeders cannot help “oohing and awing” over the little fellow! Then, he is quite the people-pleaser, a true representative of his breed. Luckily for him, the White House has enough space for him to run around, and with all his appearances he’s sure to get in a good amount of playtime. All in all, Bo Obama is living the good life.

Keeping Your Dog Cool in the Summer | Purebred Breeders

Summer brings with it much heat and your dog's body will notice the change as well. It is therefore important that you find ways to cool your pooch down to prevent your pet from getting a heat stroke, as well as to allow him or her to remain comfortable. Here is some Purebred Breeders advice on great ways you can protect your four-legged friend from the heat.

Provide enough drinking water

Like humans, dogs tend to dehydrate. To keep your dog from dehydrating, you should make sure that there is enough drinking water available. Also, make sure to keep the dog’s water dish in a cool area and to change the water often.

Build an insulated dog house

While your dog can stay in a shady area for protection against sunburns, it is better for you to construct an insulated shed or kennel for your animal to relax under during the hot summer days. However, if you build a kennel, make sure to give it enough ventilation. Another Purebred Breeders tip is to put up a tent or a wide enough canopy, which can help your dog to beat the heat as well. Although we must note that the safest place for your dog to cool down is inside your house, you can install a doggie door at a convenient place at home for your dog to enter and exit at will.

Have a pool at home

Some dogs love to enjoy themselves in water. To cool down your pet during the summer heat, you can install a kiddie’s pool or have a large tub in the back yard so your dog can frolic in when the day gets pretty warm. However, Purebred Breeders recommends that you avoid mosquitoes breeding on your property by emptying the pool or tub when it is not in use.

Build a dog bed for cooling down

Most dogs often rather lie down on concrete or tile flooring when relaxing. When constructing a cooling dog bed for your animal to beat the summer heat, you should use a gel-like material to get the bed to stay cool. If this material is not available, then you can use some water to remove any heat the bed might attract.

Since your dog is a part of your family, keeping an eye out for him or her is the best thing to do. Purebred Breeders warns that if there are signs of heat stroke, you should have a veterinarian take a close look at your pet to treat and minimize any damage. Also, remember that the summer carries a lot of opportunities for you to enjoy being with your dog. So go on, make plans and try to have fun with your pooch in the process.

3 Steps to Deal With Car Phobias in Dogs |

Usually there is nothing greater to the traveling dog owner than the chance to take one’s pooch along. But, what happens when your dog will not get into a car, or exhibit such strong signs of anxiety that you feel guilty about the trip? Unfortunately, many dogs are afraid of cars which leaves their owners frustrated when it’s time to go somewhere, but would like to point out that all hope is not lost. Here are some simple tips to help with the situation. Three Tips To Dealing With Car Phobias

1. Start getting the pooch used to the car long before it's necessary. The first thing to do is work on getting the dog inside the vehicle, but do not go anywhere or close the door, just stay stationary while your dog is getting comfortable. A great way to get the dog into the vehicle is by putting treats, a favorite blanket, or favorite toy inside with the hopes of the dog following. Someone can also go inside the car to encourage the dog to get in.

It is imperative that the dog sees when the treat or object is placed inside the vehicle to arouse interest, and he or she should be petted, praised, and given a treat after getting in to confirm their good behavior. would also like to point out that owners will need to be patient as this can take some time. Lifting the dog into the vehicle is another option, but be sure to comfort the dog the minute he or she is inside, then give a reward after the pooch relaxes. Continue to pet and praise until the dog is fine and continue to practice this for a few days before moving to a next step.

2. sees this step as a chance to acquaint the dog with the sound of the vehicle, or to get the pooch to see that it is perfectly safe. Close the door and start the car once the dog is settled but do not move. Watch for signs of stress and work to calm the pooch, treat again once he or she is completely relaxed, and just talk to the dog. If the dog stays calm the next time he or she gets into the car and it is turned on then it is time for the next phase.

3. recommends that this starts out at just a few minutes then extends into longer periods leading up to the trip. Step three is where the car leaves the driveway. Take a short trip around the neighborhood then head back home; signs of stress should again be detected and alleviated so it may be best to have two persons so the driver can focus on road safety. Once this is fine, the trips can get longer and the dog can even be taken on errands.

Safety First strongly recommends that the proper safety tools be used. These include crates, harnesses, and safety seats depending on the pooch’s size and the owner’s preference. Also, owners should never transport a dog on their lap if they are the ones driving, it is best to keep windows rolled up especially since the dog could be nervous enough to try to escape, and dogs should not be allowed to stick their heads out the window.

Dogs are afraid of many things, and while some fears seem understandable, others can be tricky. However, what needs to be understood is that a fear is usually brought on by an experience, however, it usually lingers because we do not address the issues the way we ought to. recommends that owners refrain from enabling the reaction. That said, only give treats after the dog calms down because rewarding the dog to get cooperation will reinforce the reaction. Also, owners must be prepared to exercise patience, be confident since dogs feed off negative energy, and they should be willing to try whatever is necessary.

Dog Inspired Businesses | Purebred Breeders LLC

In a lot of ways dog are good for business whether it is by offering therapeutic services to stressed employees, inspiring home startups in dog services, inspiring animal lovers to go to vet school, or by affording additional income to non-professionals offering dog services. But what about unrelated businesses inspired by dogs? In fact, things like dog-themed restaurants or eateries, coffee shops, and breweries seem to be rather popular. Take a look at a few businesses Purebred Breeders LLC found that were inspired by dogs although some have nothing to do with dog-related products.


The Pet Set LLC


9/11 has impacted every American life in one way or another, and while some are still seeking closure, others have found a way to fully experience life. Some have chosen to use the event to fuel a new life, and Kim Banks is one. As the owner of a unique stationery company inspired by the dogs she watched work at Ground Zero, Banks offers a variety of products including gift card sets and dog breed literary cards. In fact, everything she provides is inspired by one of over 41 breeds currently being used for her line. Based on Purebred Breeders LLC’s reading, her products are handcrafted and high-quality, and her concept is innovative. Yet, her main aim when she was inspired was to simply create a business in which dogs would be the focus.

Buddy Brew Coffee

This is the tale of how a creative couple (Susan and Dave) turned their affection for coffee and their dog Buddy into a well-loved company. The way Purebred Breeders LLC sees it, Buddy Brew was to a great degree accidentally started and named when the pair handed out quirky Christmas gifts to family and friends. The company grew out of requests made when the lucky recipients of some of the best coffee beans started hounding the gifters for more. The pair had spent years searching for ways to make great coffee, and is now using the results of that quest to bring the perfect cup to all who seek it. As for the name, the story has it that they created the label for the presents as a joke however, the name stuck. Now, their mission is to provide a service that emulates all that Buddy embodies; “love, loyalty, friendship and companionship”

Purebred Breeders LLC List of Other Businesses Found

1. Mutt Lynch Winery (Sonoma, California)
2. Biff’s Bakery (Flagstaff, Arizona)
3. Flying Dog Brewery (Frederick, Maryland)
4. (New York City, New York)
5. Thirsty Dog Brewing Company (Akron, Ohio)
6. The Corner Pug (West Hartford, Connecticut)
7. The Great Dane Pub and Brewery Company (Madison, Wisconsin)

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Four Fun Grooming Tips From Purebred Breeders LLC

Dog grooming can be a pain for owners, but often times the pooches hate it even more. Bathing, brushing, teeth cleaning, nail clipping, ear cleaning, and coat cuts are all a part of a dog’s life, and depending on breed the frequency will vary. So it is always good to learn how to get your dog to like or at least tolerate the process. Here are four things Purebred Breeders LLC believes will help you get your dog warmed-up to the idea.

Purebred Breeders LLC List of Fun Grooming Tips

1. Always have treats. Next to taking it slowly and allowing your dog to get used to one process before starting another, giving treats as you go along is one of the best ways to get your four-legged friend to settle down to be groomed. As with all training matters, Purebred Breeders LLC feels that positive reinforcement always provides the best results.

2. Try to turn it into a game. Some breeds absolutely hate the water. In this case Purebred Breeders LLC believes a bath in a kiddie pool and a good imagination may pay off well, although you want to avoid overdoing it.

3. Link a favorite activity with post-grooming. Does your dog like fetch or any specific playtime? If so, you may be able to use it as an advantage when grooming time comes. One way of doing this, is to send your dog out to play after. The idea is to get your dog to understand “first I get groomed, then I go have fun.” Purebred Breeders LLC would also like to warn you about calling your dog in from a favorite past time to start the grooming process since this could build trust issues and make the process even less desirable.

4. Pet and praise. Praising a dog for a job well done after each step/milestone is likely to get him or her to complete the process. Also, petting is soothing and should be used at every sign of anxiety to calm the dog. 

Purebred Breeders LLC highly recommends that you get clear instructions on how to groom your dog so you understand what to do and what to avoid. The team also advises that you be as gentle, patient, and careful as possible, since we as groomers are often responsible for the dislike our dogs show towards grooming. Lastly, learn to spot signs of discomfort that go outside of the normal discontent your pooch has for ear cleaning, nail clipping, or any other grooming procedure. Done incorrectly you could easily inflict pain, plus the dog may have an issue that went undetected.

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How to Find the Best Sitter for our Dog -

We love our pets. They are our family and dearest friends and normally when we can’t be with our friends and family we want the best care for them.  At we know how important it is to choose the best petsitters and feel that this is not a responsibility to be taken lightly. Here are three important points to keep in mind when choosing one so you make the right decision for your pooch.


Take Time to Prepare

It is important to set aside quality time ahead of your trip to spend on pet care since you need this time to search, screen and interview potential sitters. knows that this time is vital because it will help you feel happy and relaxed with the choice you have made when you leave for your trip. Plus, you should also use this time to put a backup plan in place for emergencies or unexpected events such as a cancellation by the sitter, or changes in your schedule.

Care list

A care list puts together all the requirements you need for the proper care and maintenance of your pet. This list should be multifaceted since it will ideally look at your regular practices, any special needs of your pet, your pet’s daily schedule, vet, as well as emergency contact persons. recommends that you try to get recommendations from friends, professionals and trusted pet information centers/services.

Professional versus Non-Professional Sitter

There are many great reasons to choose a professional sitter since they are insured and come with a trained and qualified staff. However, observed two possible downsides. Firstly, the cost of professional services tend to be higher and secondly there is the possibility of having to leave your pet in an unfamiliar environment.  On the other hand, leaving your pet with a non-professional such as a suitable family member, colleague, or friend can lower costs and gives you the peace of mind that your pet is being cared for in your own home by someone you know.

These are just basic pointers so you are encouraged to look into more. In the meantime, using these pointers as outlined by the team to ensure that you are more informed and confident when choosing a caregiver for your pets. Additionally, they can help reduce your worry and hassle, which means a more guilt free trip.

Top 5 Movies With Dogs in Leading Roles - Reviews Their

This is a tough one and the answer will vary widely so Reviews has narrowed it down to the family/comedy genre of movies and has selected our picks for the top 5 movies with lead dogs. Considering the category it is no surprise that these are Disney films.

1. Beethoven

This is a movie franchise with four films and an animated sequel. Beethoven is a rather large, drooling, lovable and loyal St. Bernard that escapes the clutches of an evil genius who is stealing dogs for illegal testing. He ends up in a family's home, the mom and kids are taken, and the dad is (grudgingly) talked into keeping him. Soon enough the family realizes what is going on, trails the scientist, discovers his lab and ends up taking him down with the dog's help. Beethoven becomes a hero and a permanent mess-making member of the family, but this is only the beginning.

2. Underdog

An unlikely superhero, Underdog is the result of a chemical exposure that turns an ordinary Beagle into a flying, talking, crime-fighting pooch who dons a cape and has his own catchphrase. The dog is left in the care of an ex-cop's seemingly troubled pre-teen son, but the two get off to a bad start plus the dog unintentionally trashes the house. Both characters freak out when they realize the dog isn't exactly ordinary and the son eventually talks him into fighting crime. He ultimately saves the mayor and the town, as well as takes down the evil scientist largely responsible for his powers.

3. Beverly Hills Chihuahua

This is another movie franchise of three films. It starts with a rescued stray owned by a gardener/landscaper crossing paths with a Beverly hills pedigree and turns into a love story (both between dogs and humans) as well as quite the adventure when the pedigree is dog-napped in Mexico. In the second installment the two Chihuahuas are married, have five pups, and save their handler’s (Sam) childhood home from repossession when they unintentionally take down the perpetrators behind a string of daylight bank robberies. Overall,  the male (Papi) is a hopeless romantic & avid storyteller that recreates legends of Chihuahua warriors through vivid imagery, is fun loving, and far different from the average Beverly Hills canine. While the female (Chloe) is as prim and proper as they come, feisty, smart, and vindictive where necessary, with a love for adventure. The movie also features numerous other dogs/breeds. The third installment is set for release this 

4. Air Bud

Yet another franchise about an amazing dog, Air Bud centers around a Golden Retriever named Buddy who rocks not only at being cute and loyal but also at sports. Besides helping his family, and more so the little boy who owns him, Buddy becomes a hero for more than one down-and-out sports teams when he takes on and conquers basketball, football, soccer, volleyball, as well as baseball. His pups will eventually go on to have their own movie series called “Air Buddies” which is to be responsible for the Spin-off “Santa Buddies” (featured next).

5. Santa Buddies

This is not one, but five adorable little pups (siblings) with very distinct personalities. In “The Legend of Santa Paws” Rosebud (the sole female), Buddha, B-Dawg, Mudbud, and the troublesome Butterball must help Puppy Paws (the son of doggy Santa) save Christmas after he runs away from the North Pole. The young pup’s decision to leave leads to a series of events that threaten to erase the meaning of the season and it is up to him and the buddies to set things right. There are two films in the movie series with each having its own adventures and centering around the significance of Christmas.

This completes Reviews’ list. What are your favorites? We would like to know.

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Purebred Breeders reviews Why Dogs Hide

Dogs do many things that we do not fully understand. In fact, we do not understand some at all. One simple thing they do that puzzles many owners is hide under things. This can be the bed, couch, table, a chair, or just about anything a dog can get under. Today Purebred Breeders Reviews will look at a few reasons dogs hide, and what to do (if anything).

Unfortunately, fear is often the reason for why dogs run and hide, especially under the bed. The fear at the moment may be justified (such as a loud sound, storm, or sudden darkness), or unjustified (such as a memory triggered from past occurrences before you got him or her), and can occur whether or not you contribute to it. Some dogs will hide if they sense they have done something wrong, or if they are afraid of another pet in the house. Visitors can also cause this reaction in overly shy dogs or those that have not been fully socialized. Purebred Breeders Reviews recommends that you try to identify what is causing the fear and reassure the dog. You may only be able to avoid past behaviors in order to help the dog get past them, and to be reassuring when those memories surface.

Your dog could be playing with another pet, a member of the family or trying to get you to start playing. This is especially the case if he or she has been taught to play games such as hide and seek. It may also be an attempt to play a cute trick on you.

They may just find the area to be cool and comfortable, or even warm and comfortable, it all depends. A nice carpet, along with the privacy and temperature under the bed or couch, can attract your pup. This is especially true if he or she finds it to be much better than his or her designated sleeping spot. The times your pup does this, and how often, should help you determine if this is the reason. Purebred Breeders Reviews suggests you watch out for this type of behavior pattern.

Some dogs will move away from the rest of the family when sick. The spot chosen may be under the bed, couch or table, a corner or even some place outside. Purebred Breeders Reviews urges you to investigate if your pooch is hiding and doesn’t seem to be his or her usual self. Look for one or more symptoms such as lethargy, excess drooling, vomiting, difficulty breathing, labored breathing, wheezing, low moaning or whining. These could each suggest something is wrong. You can also look for signs of injury or digestive trouble. The problem could be mild with no need for medical attention, but you should see a vet if you are unsure.

This is different from fear in that the dog may just be experiencing separation anxiety in a new home, or feel uncomfortable around visitors. Hiding under the bed or couch could just be your canine friend’s way of finding somewhere familiar. Shy dogs will avoid strangers even if they are not afraid of them because just like humans they may just prefer to not be in a room full of people they hardly know. Purebred Breeders Reviews advises that you try remedying this through training and socialization.

A dog that hides under the table only may just be waiting for food to drop, or for someone to give him or her something they don’t want. Purebred Breeders Reviews recommends that you make note of when your dog goes under the table. If it is leading up to or during a meal, then he or she has most likely associated being under the table with free food.

Purebred Breeders reviews the Causes of Cynophobia

The main cause behind Cynophobia has to do with some kind of trauma or unpleasant experience with a dog as a child. The term, which means "a fear of dogs," is a condition in which persons harbor an oftentimes irrational fear of:
  • dogs
  • rabies
  • other canines
  • or all of the above

Purebred Breeders Reviews has learned that it is even possible for the fear to exist without a known cause, and can be triggered by a stimuli apart from being face to face with an actual dog.

How it Starts

Usually a dog bite or attack at a young age is the underlying cause. However, witnessing an attack can also be a trigger. Some persons suffering from the issue have no clue why they do, and may never even find out.

Possible Stimuli

Some fears are so intense that the photograph of a dog can trigger an episode or anxiety attack. Some people react negatively to seeing dogs on TV, have a hard time being anywhere near a dog, and even have a hard time keeping friends that own dogs. Purebred Breeders Reviews has even read that many experience difficulties having meaningful bonds or relationships for this same reason.

Dealing with the Issue

Persons suffering from Cynophobia are advised to seek expert help. A professional therapist can help to unearth the incident that led to the condition, although Purebred Breeders Reviews must point out that this not an absolute. Other options include gradual exposure to stimuli under a controlled environment until the patient is able to look at a dog, and possibly be around one without having an episode. Finally, anti-anxiety drug regimes can be established as a part of the management process.

Tip: Purebred Breeders Reviews urges persons to stay clear of "quick fix" methods, as these are ineffective and could lead to bodily harm.