Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Keeping Your Dog Cool in the Summer | Purebred Breeders

Summer brings with it much heat and your dog's body will notice the change as well. It is therefore important that you find ways to cool your pooch down to prevent your pet from getting a heat stroke, as well as to allow him or her to remain comfortable. Here is some Purebred Breeders advice on great ways you can protect your four-legged friend from the heat.

Provide enough drinking water

Like humans, dogs tend to dehydrate. To keep your dog from dehydrating, you should make sure that there is enough drinking water available. Also, make sure to keep the dog’s water dish in a cool area and to change the water often.

Build an insulated dog house

While your dog can stay in a shady area for protection against sunburns, it is better for you to construct an insulated shed or kennel for your animal to relax under during the hot summer days. However, if you build a kennel, make sure to give it enough ventilation. Another Purebred Breeders tip is to put up a tent or a wide enough canopy, which can help your dog to beat the heat as well. Although we must note that the safest place for your dog to cool down is inside your house, you can install a doggie door at a convenient place at home for your dog to enter and exit at will.

Have a pool at home

Some dogs love to enjoy themselves in water. To cool down your pet during the summer heat, you can install a kiddie’s pool or have a large tub in the back yard so your dog can frolic in when the day gets pretty warm. However, Purebred Breeders recommends that you avoid mosquitoes breeding on your property by emptying the pool or tub when it is not in use.

Build a dog bed for cooling down

Most dogs often rather lie down on concrete or tile flooring when relaxing. When constructing a cooling dog bed for your animal to beat the summer heat, you should use a gel-like material to get the bed to stay cool. If this material is not available, then you can use some water to remove any heat the bed might attract.

Since your dog is a part of your family, keeping an eye out for him or her is the best thing to do. Purebred Breeders warns that if there are signs of heat stroke, you should have a veterinarian take a close look at your pet to treat and minimize any damage. Also, remember that the summer carries a lot of opportunities for you to enjoy being with your dog. So go on, make plans and try to have fun with your pooch in the process.

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