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Top 5 Movies With Dogs in Leading Roles - Reviews Their

This is a tough one and the answer will vary widely so Reviews has narrowed it down to the family/comedy genre of movies and has selected our picks for the top 5 movies with lead dogs. Considering the category it is no surprise that these are Disney films.

1. Beethoven

This is a movie franchise with four films and an animated sequel. Beethoven is a rather large, drooling, lovable and loyal St. Bernard that escapes the clutches of an evil genius who is stealing dogs for illegal testing. He ends up in a family's home, the mom and kids are taken, and the dad is (grudgingly) talked into keeping him. Soon enough the family realizes what is going on, trails the scientist, discovers his lab and ends up taking him down with the dog's help. Beethoven becomes a hero and a permanent mess-making member of the family, but this is only the beginning.

2. Underdog

An unlikely superhero, Underdog is the result of a chemical exposure that turns an ordinary Beagle into a flying, talking, crime-fighting pooch who dons a cape and has his own catchphrase. The dog is left in the care of an ex-cop's seemingly troubled pre-teen son, but the two get off to a bad start plus the dog unintentionally trashes the house. Both characters freak out when they realize the dog isn't exactly ordinary and the son eventually talks him into fighting crime. He ultimately saves the mayor and the town, as well as takes down the evil scientist largely responsible for his powers.

3. Beverly Hills Chihuahua

This is another movie franchise of three films. It starts with a rescued stray owned by a gardener/landscaper crossing paths with a Beverly hills pedigree and turns into a love story (both between dogs and humans) as well as quite the adventure when the pedigree is dog-napped in Mexico. In the second installment the two Chihuahuas are married, have five pups, and save their handler’s (Sam) childhood home from repossession when they unintentionally take down the perpetrators behind a string of daylight bank robberies. Overall,  the male (Papi) is a hopeless romantic & avid storyteller that recreates legends of Chihuahua warriors through vivid imagery, is fun loving, and far different from the average Beverly Hills canine. While the female (Chloe) is as prim and proper as they come, feisty, smart, and vindictive where necessary, with a love for adventure. The movie also features numerous other dogs/breeds. The third installment is set for release this 

4. Air Bud

Yet another franchise about an amazing dog, Air Bud centers around a Golden Retriever named Buddy who rocks not only at being cute and loyal but also at sports. Besides helping his family, and more so the little boy who owns him, Buddy becomes a hero for more than one down-and-out sports teams when he takes on and conquers basketball, football, soccer, volleyball, as well as baseball. His pups will eventually go on to have their own movie series called “Air Buddies” which is to be responsible for the Spin-off “Santa Buddies” (featured next).

5. Santa Buddies

This is not one, but five adorable little pups (siblings) with very distinct personalities. In “The Legend of Santa Paws” Rosebud (the sole female), Buddha, B-Dawg, Mudbud, and the troublesome Butterball must help Puppy Paws (the son of doggy Santa) save Christmas after he runs away from the North Pole. The young pup’s decision to leave leads to a series of events that threaten to erase the meaning of the season and it is up to him and the buddies to set things right. There are two films in the movie series with each having its own adventures and centering around the significance of Christmas.

This completes Reviews’ list. What are your favorites? We would like to know.

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