Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Purebred Breeders reviews the Causes of Cynophobia

The main cause behind Cynophobia has to do with some kind of trauma or unpleasant experience with a dog as a child. The term, which means "a fear of dogs," is a condition in which persons harbor an oftentimes irrational fear of:
  • dogs
  • rabies
  • other canines
  • or all of the above

Purebred Breeders Reviews has learned that it is even possible for the fear to exist without a known cause, and can be triggered by a stimuli apart from being face to face with an actual dog.

How it Starts

Usually a dog bite or attack at a young age is the underlying cause. However, witnessing an attack can also be a trigger. Some persons suffering from the issue have no clue why they do, and may never even find out.

Possible Stimuli

Some fears are so intense that the photograph of a dog can trigger an episode or anxiety attack. Some people react negatively to seeing dogs on TV, have a hard time being anywhere near a dog, and even have a hard time keeping friends that own dogs. Purebred Breeders Reviews has even read that many experience difficulties having meaningful bonds or relationships for this same reason.

Dealing with the Issue

Persons suffering from Cynophobia are advised to seek expert help. A professional therapist can help to unearth the incident that led to the condition, although Purebred Breeders Reviews must point out that this not an absolute. Other options include gradual exposure to stimuli under a controlled environment until the patient is able to look at a dog, and possibly be around one without having an episode. Finally, anti-anxiety drug regimes can be established as a part of the management process.

Tip: Purebred Breeders Reviews urges persons to stay clear of "quick fix" methods, as these are ineffective and could lead to bodily harm.

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