Friday, April 27, 2012

Purebred Breeders reviews 5 Strange Fashions for Dogs

The domestication of human-kind's best friend, the dog, has led to many practices. Some are in the dog's best interests, while others seem to be more for our amusement. There are times when the two cross, but often, the separation is undisputed. This makes it necessary to ask, why do we as owners assume our dogs like half the things we do? One of Purebred Breeders reviews one of our guilty pleasures, doggy fashion. Although we know that some pooches give it a big paws down, we can't help but love cute pics of dapper dogs. We will however admit that some pieces of clothing, or outfits leave us laughing instead of "awing", and these are our top fives.

1. Anything with a political tone: dogs dressed in t-shirts, chemise, or caps bearing campaign slogans or anything that says they endorse a candidate is always funny to us. Purebred Breeders Reviews often wonders what the pooch is thinking at the time he or she is made to swear allegiance, and how many would say “Hey you! Vote for the other person.”

2. Bikinis and other swimwear: this is one we will never fully understand. We may not be experts on what dogs want to wear, but we do believe our canine counterparts would be a bit happier running "Au natural" if you get our gist. They sure are cute though!

3. Boots: this is one of those things that may bridge practical and quirky, depending on breed, location, and weather. Overall though, watching a dog figure out what to do with "those four things master just strapped to [my] legs" can be hilarious. However, Purebred Breeders Reviews is sometimes concerned about how this really affects a dog, especially until he or she gets the hang of things.

4. Exotic/flirtatious costumes: while they are cute, we cannot help but chuckle when we see these pictures. There is just something hilarious about a dog dressed like a seductress to any degree.

5. Pimp or gigolo outfits: while the existence of number four only makes this one fair (in a sense), it is still a bit of a brow raiser. Talk about having a stud!

It is up to each dog owner to decide what is appropriate for their dogs, so please do not think we are imposing our views on persons who do any of the above. The team at Purebred Breeders Reviews merely wishes to point out five things that makes us laugh every time we see a dog wearing them. Your list may be different, or you may not have one at all, that is fine. If you do have a list, what dog clothing or fashion makes you laugh?

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Purebred Breeders | 5 Funny Toys for Dogs

Whether we spoil them, overcompensate, or remain practical in terms of gift-giving, Purebred Breeders knows that every loving dog owner will provide their canine companions with toys. In fact, everyone loves nice, well-deserved toys that will hopefully keep them out of trouble for a while so we can take care of important people business. Many of us choose items based on our dog's needs (something tough for dental benefits for example), or we just grab the cutest thing off the shelf. Purebred Breeders features these five interesting dog toys!

1. Humunga Stache: this toy was made for their amusement as much as it was made for ours. The easiest way for Purebred Breeders to describe it is this, consider an oversized mustache attached to a nice little ball. The amusement comes when when your pooch takes the ball into his or her mouth, since your view of the toy automatically becomes a large stache.

2. Doggie Chill Pill: not to worry, Purebred Breeders assures you these are not doggie drugs. They are rope and plush toys that look like capsules with the words "Chill Pill" displayed on them. We get the feeling these work really well. Seriously, which plushy or rope toy doesn't calm dogs down, or make them happy?

3. Dog Fisher: every fished for a dog? Well this toy allows you to. Simply attach the treat to the rod (like bait when going fishing), and cast your line. You are sure to get a bite in no time.

4. Grrrona Beer: this Mexican squeaky beer toy actually looks like a bottle of Corona with a slice of lime jammed into the mouth of the bottle. So go ahead, have a beer with your pooch.

5. Dog Fighter: don't be alarmed, if anything, this wooden puzzle is helping your dog fight old age by keeping the mind active. Best part is, your pooch receives a treat as a reward each time he or she successfully completes it.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Purebred Breeders | 5 Weird Gadgets for Dogs

Purebred Breeders is currently interested in dog toys (something you may have picked up from our last few posts. Dog toys vary based on design, the needs they satisfy, or the trend they are inspired by (among other factors). The result is a long list of items to choose from, and some have the ability to leave people in awe. Today we are looking at five of the weirdest gadgets made for dogs. While some are practical in a sense, others leave you thinking what is going on??

1. Bowlingual Voice: this two part gadget was made to translate what a dog "says". One part is worn around the dog’s neck, while the other is an hand-held device with a display screen. Bowlingual is believed (at least by the designer) to use an attached wireless microphone to analyze the dog's voice. The emotions are then displayed on the handheld.

2. Puppy Tweets: Purebred Breeders did not find this as brow-raising as number one, but it was a close second. This gadget gives your pooch the chance to be a twitter star with each bark or movement through its 500 readily programmed tweets. The device randomly selects a message when a pooch barks or moves while wearing it, then sends it out to Tweeters everywhere via the dog's Twitter account.

3. Aikiou Bowl: We are not sure how we feel about this dog food bowl, but we do find the concept funny. It has several areas for the food to be stored, and is designed to slow down your fast eating dog. This targets owners with dogs that eat extremely fast, which could lead to digestive concerns.

4. Fetchtastic: short on time to play catch? No problem. Let the Fetchtastic do the trick. This automatic fetch machine dispenses balls for your canine friend to chase and catch, which should free up some time for you.

5. Bubbletastic: Purebred Breeders is convinced that someone said: "Dogs love bacon, dogs love bubbles...why not combine the two." This is exactly what Bubbletastic is; a machine that combines bacon and bubbles. Watch your dog chase bacon-flavored bubbles around as the machine releases them. Purebred Breeders is sure it will be fun for the two of you.

Do you use any of the above? Or, would you buy any? Do you know of stranger ones? Purebred Breeders is curious to know what kinds of gadgets our readers have acquired over the years for their furry friends. Feel free to drop us a line!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Dog becomes Piglet's Guardian and Best Friend | Purebred Breeders

Purebred Breeders knows there is no telling what a dog will do once inspired, compelled, or given the freedom. This makes them unpredictable, yet we can count on any loving pooch to be loyal. Is there such a thing as "unpredictably loyal"? While we may never fully agree on a catch phrase, this can be said: a dog has the capacity to be more than man's best friend. In fact, given half a chance, they'll be just about anyone's best friend, or guardian. Just ask Hunter, a caring dog Purebred Breeders found out about who is currently nursing a piglet back to health.

 The Story

The story starts with a young pig now named "Mu Shu" being found at the side of the road. It is believed that the poor thing fell off a live produce truck and sustained injuries in the process. This, however, is where her luck turned for the best; Mu Shu was found by a vet. She was taken to the local vet hospital where she was looked after, and her caretakers noticed something unusual as she got stronger. Hunter, their dog, took a keen interest in the little piglet.

Purebred Breeders understands that he acted as her seeing-dog since she was partially blind, then his actions moved from walking her around the clinic to playing with, and bathing her! According to the family, the two are now inseparable, and Mu Shu is doing better. Best of all, the companions will not have to worry about being separated since Hunter's family is now Mu Shu's. The dog's owners have decided to adopt the piglet to avoid breaking up their friendship.

This is one that gave us a chuckle as well as warmed our hearts. Hunter is truly a hero in Purebred Breeders sight, and while we commend his family for rescuing the little piggy, the praise in this story goes to our canine friend. There is no telling what the future holds, but for now Hunter is one fine "papa", and Mu Shu is a piglet far beyond lucky!

Thursday, April 12, 2012 | Easter Egg Hunt for Pooches is delighted to see how innovative, creative, and downright quirky dog owners have been spending their Easter. One of the funniest and most creative idea we came across was a blog detailing an Easter egg hunt for dogs on! The blog is done from the dog's perspective which makes it even more interesting. (As you can probably tell from our last post, adores it when owners allow dogs to talk.)

Kolchak is a pug/beagle mix and one of two dogs (the other being his brother Felix) owned by the blogger, Jodi, who is affectionately referred to as "Mama". All three live happily in Canada, and spent a fun-filled day hiding (the owner) and searching (both dogs) for treats. The result was a lot of exercise, treats, photo ops, and laughter all around.

Mama's Tips For Doggy Easter Hunt

  1. Forgo the eggs if you have a powerful chewer on your hands. Instead, just hide the treats where you would put the eggs with treats inside them.
  2. The aim is to make it fun for all, so if your dog isn't such a keen smeller, "hide" the treats in plain sight. It's fun either way if eggs are being used, since the fun would be in popping them open. Or, just place "unegged" treats in little corners that are close enough to sniff out to increase the fun.
  3. Use treats with really strong smells if your dog is not such a strong smeller. Also, make sure eggs have holes in them to release the treat's scent if you opt to use eggs.
  4. Monitor your dogs with the plastic shells, and never allow them to play with cracked or broken ones.
  5. You need to hide the treats when they are not looking, but make sure they see you put them in the shells if you are using eggs. This way they know what the strange objects have inside.
  6. Try to build trust and anticipation by holding a treat and an egg together. Feed the dog the loose treat, then give him or her the egg. Only do this once before the game starts.

The game works just like egg-hunting for humans, so doesn't think it should not be too hard. Another “Mama” note: be certain to make a note of all eggs or treats hidden and found, then collect those that are left at the end of the game. It may be too late for this year, if so, keep this one in your doggy files just in case you need something interesting to do next year!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Dogs and Social Media: The Habit of Creating Social Profiles for Dogs | Purebred Breeders LLC

Every Facebook user has seen one; a "sponsored story" to the right of their screen with an adorable dog as the picture. If you are like us, then that means you've clicked such an ad at least once. How surprised were you to realize the page was actually the dog's Facebook profile. Purebred Breeders LLC kids you not. Most of us have seen at least one social profile (no matter the platform/site being used) that was made by the owner solely for their dog.

True, dog owners have been doing this for years to showcase their canine friends. Purebred Breeders LLC has seen blogs, videos, and pictures of so many in just this past week, so we know it is not rare. However, there is still something to be said about the efforts of dog lovers to showcase their own as well as other dogs, whether to raise awareness or entertain, however this post is not about those types of profiles.

This is about those profiles made from the dog's perspective! Yes, you read right. More and more people are creating profiles where their dogs actually speak. They post pics, make comments, and respond to user comments. Even more interestingly, the users respect that it is the dog's page, and they respond in that manner.

A Perfect Example

"Sarah is (unfortunately) back from vacation. She brought me a shirt that not only doesn't fit, but a shirt that reflects a sentiment that is so not true," and below it? An adorable picture of a big dog with a little shirt spread on his chest that says "Yes I'm Cute. I got it from my mom"

This is one of the Facebook status updates of a cute, and rather vocal Choppy. He has been on the social network since 03/05/2010, has an email address, website, and a blog. Choppy has a knack for letting his fans know what mischief his owner has been up to, and what clothing she's trying to stick him in.

The photos make you "aw," the updates make you laugh, and there is so much involvement between him and his "fans" that the page is downright entertaining. Plus, Purebred Breeders LLC thinks the twist it gives to the dog/owner dynamic just makes it even more interesting. The owner actually posts things from the dog’s perspective. He gets to have a full opinion, and from looking at the pics, they often seem spot on since that's probably what the viewer is thinking.

So Purebred Breeders LLC has to ask, do you have a social profile for your dog? If so, does he or she speak, or do you just use it to brag about having the world's best dog? If not, would you consider creating one and taking on the "persona" of your dog?

Wednesday, April 4, 2012 reviews Weird Dog Costumes

OK, we admit it! Yes, we usually laugh about them. We often find most of them cute, and those dressed up pooches can look so adorable, but must ask. Why? Why is it that some dog owners jump at every chance to dress their pets in costumes? And the even more pressing question is “why costumes of other animals?”

It's a guilty pleasure for some people who find themselves “oohing” and “awing”, and that's fine, we know they can't help it. While we may never know exactly how the practice started and why we still do it, we know one thing: some of these are downright hilarious. Here are some of the cutest (yet weird) costumes found floating around. Can you top them? reviews some Weird Dog Costumes

1. Pimp
No we are not kidding. Imagine a bull dog (or any pooch for that matter) dressed as a pimp; colorful shirt and hat to match. You probably need to reserve this one for tough looking breeds, or those that come across as “slick” to pull the look off.

2. Priest and Nun
Feel like going to church? Believe it or not, it is possible to dress your dog as a nun or priest, and their innocent little faces do a lot to complete this one!

3. Spider
We're almost sure Fido has a thing or two to say about being dressed as an itty bitty insect, and we're certain he'll be demanding compensation in treats!

4. Flirt
Wait...what? We kid you not, there is a whole category of costumes for flirtatious female pets! Can you hear the males howling too?

5. Skunk
So maybe your pooch was a likes to get messy and be a little stinky but was the black and white costume of shame really necessary? (Don't worry, knows it wasn't a punishment, and it looks cute!)

6. Party
Let's dance! Go retro, Disco or Mardi Gras with everything from fur, feathers, tassels, beads, faux pearls, flowers, and things that sparkle.

We could go on and on about costumes. In fact, makers are becoming so creative that the variety is beyond most of our imagination. So many online and as well as brick and mortar stores exist, and some go as far as to cater to those wanting custom pieces. The best part about dog costumes is that they are easy to make at home if you are creative, plus, you often only need a hat and an old shirt to get started. However, some owners go all out on each occasion, and as long as safety procedures are followed so that the costume will not harm the dog, thinks it's a great way to show off your pet.

Monday, April 2, 2012 | Smudge Steals The Show!

We all love when our dogs get cute for the world to see, but we seldom realize that we are pawing a very dangerous line. This is something a passionate dog-loving artist learned when he took his attention-grabbing pooch to collect an award. The result? The dog became the talk of the show! So much for him being the award recipient. 

Today brings you the story of Smudge (that's the dog's name, really.)

 How She Stole The Show

Seven-year-old Smudge is a longnose fox terrier belonging to Tim Storrier. Storrier is an artist and the 2012 Archibald Prize winner for his piece; a self portrait titled "Histrionic Wayfarer" which features Smudge. For the non-art analyzing type, "Histrionic Wayfarer" is a painting of a figure (inspired by another artist's work) whose back is laden with everything he owns or treasures. This of course is why is warmed by the fact that Smudge sits at the very top of the figure's possessions (talk about a statement!). Storrier decided to take the star dog along with him to collect his $75,000 prize, but Smudge who would not be outdone made a quick dash to the stage, beating her master to the punch as he walked up to collect his prize.

How This Story Really Began

Four years ago Smudge was far from making headlines. In fact, she was a shelter dog scheduled to be put down until Storrier fell in love with her. She is now his muse and constant companion, and they both seem to share a love for his work...and spotlight! The two are inseparable, which is evident from the fact that she got the chance to attend the event. is always glad to see stories of dogs in loving homes, and to move from shelter dog to award recipient (well sort of) is no small feat. Our community of dog lovers salute Smudge for her sense of humor, and more so Storrier for being a true friend.