Thursday, April 19, 2012

Dog becomes Piglet's Guardian and Best Friend | Purebred Breeders

Purebred Breeders knows there is no telling what a dog will do once inspired, compelled, or given the freedom. This makes them unpredictable, yet we can count on any loving pooch to be loyal. Is there such a thing as "unpredictably loyal"? While we may never fully agree on a catch phrase, this can be said: a dog has the capacity to be more than man's best friend. In fact, given half a chance, they'll be just about anyone's best friend, or guardian. Just ask Hunter, a caring dog Purebred Breeders found out about who is currently nursing a piglet back to health.

 The Story

The story starts with a young pig now named "Mu Shu" being found at the side of the road. It is believed that the poor thing fell off a live produce truck and sustained injuries in the process. This, however, is where her luck turned for the best; Mu Shu was found by a vet. She was taken to the local vet hospital where she was looked after, and her caretakers noticed something unusual as she got stronger. Hunter, their dog, took a keen interest in the little piglet.

Purebred Breeders understands that he acted as her seeing-dog since she was partially blind, then his actions moved from walking her around the clinic to playing with, and bathing her! According to the family, the two are now inseparable, and Mu Shu is doing better. Best of all, the companions will not have to worry about being separated since Hunter's family is now Mu Shu's. The dog's owners have decided to adopt the piglet to avoid breaking up their friendship.

This is one that gave us a chuckle as well as warmed our hearts. Hunter is truly a hero in Purebred Breeders sight, and while we commend his family for rescuing the little piggy, the praise in this story goes to our canine friend. There is no telling what the future holds, but for now Hunter is one fine "papa", and Mu Shu is a piglet far beyond lucky!

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