Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Purebred Breeders | 5 Funny Toys for Dogs

Whether we spoil them, overcompensate, or remain practical in terms of gift-giving, Purebred Breeders knows that every loving dog owner will provide their canine companions with toys. In fact, everyone loves nice, well-deserved toys that will hopefully keep them out of trouble for a while so we can take care of important people business. Many of us choose items based on our dog's needs (something tough for dental benefits for example), or we just grab the cutest thing off the shelf. Purebred Breeders features these five interesting dog toys!

1. Humunga Stache: this toy was made for their amusement as much as it was made for ours. The easiest way for Purebred Breeders to describe it is this, consider an oversized mustache attached to a nice little ball. The amusement comes when when your pooch takes the ball into his or her mouth, since your view of the toy automatically becomes a large stache.

2. Doggie Chill Pill: not to worry, Purebred Breeders assures you these are not doggie drugs. They are rope and plush toys that look like capsules with the words "Chill Pill" displayed on them. We get the feeling these work really well. Seriously, which plushy or rope toy doesn't calm dogs down, or make them happy?

3. Dog Fisher: every fished for a dog? Well this toy allows you to. Simply attach the treat to the rod (like bait when going fishing), and cast your line. You are sure to get a bite in no time.

4. Grrrona Beer: this Mexican squeaky beer toy actually looks like a bottle of Corona with a slice of lime jammed into the mouth of the bottle. So go ahead, have a beer with your pooch.

5. Dog Fighter: don't be alarmed, if anything, this wooden puzzle is helping your dog fight old age by keeping the mind active. Best part is, your pooch receives a treat as a reward each time he or she successfully completes it.

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