Friday, April 27, 2012

Purebred Breeders reviews 5 Strange Fashions for Dogs

The domestication of human-kind's best friend, the dog, has led to many practices. Some are in the dog's best interests, while others seem to be more for our amusement. There are times when the two cross, but often, the separation is undisputed. This makes it necessary to ask, why do we as owners assume our dogs like half the things we do? One of Purebred Breeders reviews one of our guilty pleasures, doggy fashion. Although we know that some pooches give it a big paws down, we can't help but love cute pics of dapper dogs. We will however admit that some pieces of clothing, or outfits leave us laughing instead of "awing", and these are our top fives.

1. Anything with a political tone: dogs dressed in t-shirts, chemise, or caps bearing campaign slogans or anything that says they endorse a candidate is always funny to us. Purebred Breeders Reviews often wonders what the pooch is thinking at the time he or she is made to swear allegiance, and how many would say “Hey you! Vote for the other person.”

2. Bikinis and other swimwear: this is one we will never fully understand. We may not be experts on what dogs want to wear, but we do believe our canine counterparts would be a bit happier running "Au natural" if you get our gist. They sure are cute though!

3. Boots: this is one of those things that may bridge practical and quirky, depending on breed, location, and weather. Overall though, watching a dog figure out what to do with "those four things master just strapped to [my] legs" can be hilarious. However, Purebred Breeders Reviews is sometimes concerned about how this really affects a dog, especially until he or she gets the hang of things.

4. Exotic/flirtatious costumes: while they are cute, we cannot help but chuckle when we see these pictures. There is just something hilarious about a dog dressed like a seductress to any degree.

5. Pimp or gigolo outfits: while the existence of number four only makes this one fair (in a sense), it is still a bit of a brow raiser. Talk about having a stud!

It is up to each dog owner to decide what is appropriate for their dogs, so please do not think we are imposing our views on persons who do any of the above. The team at Purebred Breeders Reviews merely wishes to point out five things that makes us laugh every time we see a dog wearing them. Your list may be different, or you may not have one at all, that is fine. If you do have a list, what dog clothing or fashion makes you laugh?

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