Monday, April 2, 2012 | Smudge Steals The Show!

We all love when our dogs get cute for the world to see, but we seldom realize that we are pawing a very dangerous line. This is something a passionate dog-loving artist learned when he took his attention-grabbing pooch to collect an award. The result? The dog became the talk of the show! So much for him being the award recipient. 

Today brings you the story of Smudge (that's the dog's name, really.)

 How She Stole The Show

Seven-year-old Smudge is a longnose fox terrier belonging to Tim Storrier. Storrier is an artist and the 2012 Archibald Prize winner for his piece; a self portrait titled "Histrionic Wayfarer" which features Smudge. For the non-art analyzing type, "Histrionic Wayfarer" is a painting of a figure (inspired by another artist's work) whose back is laden with everything he owns or treasures. This of course is why is warmed by the fact that Smudge sits at the very top of the figure's possessions (talk about a statement!). Storrier decided to take the star dog along with him to collect his $75,000 prize, but Smudge who would not be outdone made a quick dash to the stage, beating her master to the punch as he walked up to collect his prize.

How This Story Really Began

Four years ago Smudge was far from making headlines. In fact, she was a shelter dog scheduled to be put down until Storrier fell in love with her. She is now his muse and constant companion, and they both seem to share a love for his work...and spotlight! The two are inseparable, which is evident from the fact that she got the chance to attend the event. is always glad to see stories of dogs in loving homes, and to move from shelter dog to award recipient (well sort of) is no small feat. Our community of dog lovers salute Smudge for her sense of humor, and more so Storrier for being a true friend.

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