Wednesday, April 4, 2012 reviews Weird Dog Costumes

OK, we admit it! Yes, we usually laugh about them. We often find most of them cute, and those dressed up pooches can look so adorable, but must ask. Why? Why is it that some dog owners jump at every chance to dress their pets in costumes? And the even more pressing question is “why costumes of other animals?”

It's a guilty pleasure for some people who find themselves “oohing” and “awing”, and that's fine, we know they can't help it. While we may never know exactly how the practice started and why we still do it, we know one thing: some of these are downright hilarious. Here are some of the cutest (yet weird) costumes found floating around. Can you top them? reviews some Weird Dog Costumes

1. Pimp
No we are not kidding. Imagine a bull dog (or any pooch for that matter) dressed as a pimp; colorful shirt and hat to match. You probably need to reserve this one for tough looking breeds, or those that come across as “slick” to pull the look off.

2. Priest and Nun
Feel like going to church? Believe it or not, it is possible to dress your dog as a nun or priest, and their innocent little faces do a lot to complete this one!

3. Spider
We're almost sure Fido has a thing or two to say about being dressed as an itty bitty insect, and we're certain he'll be demanding compensation in treats!

4. Flirt
Wait...what? We kid you not, there is a whole category of costumes for flirtatious female pets! Can you hear the males howling too?

5. Skunk
So maybe your pooch was a likes to get messy and be a little stinky but was the black and white costume of shame really necessary? (Don't worry, knows it wasn't a punishment, and it looks cute!)

6. Party
Let's dance! Go retro, Disco or Mardi Gras with everything from fur, feathers, tassels, beads, faux pearls, flowers, and things that sparkle.

We could go on and on about costumes. In fact, makers are becoming so creative that the variety is beyond most of our imagination. So many online and as well as brick and mortar stores exist, and some go as far as to cater to those wanting custom pieces. The best part about dog costumes is that they are easy to make at home if you are creative, plus, you often only need a hat and an old shirt to get started. However, some owners go all out on each occasion, and as long as safety procedures are followed so that the costume will not harm the dog, thinks it's a great way to show off your pet.

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