Friday, April 20, 2012

Purebred Breeders | 5 Weird Gadgets for Dogs

Purebred Breeders is currently interested in dog toys (something you may have picked up from our last few posts. Dog toys vary based on design, the needs they satisfy, or the trend they are inspired by (among other factors). The result is a long list of items to choose from, and some have the ability to leave people in awe. Today we are looking at five of the weirdest gadgets made for dogs. While some are practical in a sense, others leave you thinking what is going on??

1. Bowlingual Voice: this two part gadget was made to translate what a dog "says". One part is worn around the dog’s neck, while the other is an hand-held device with a display screen. Bowlingual is believed (at least by the designer) to use an attached wireless microphone to analyze the dog's voice. The emotions are then displayed on the handheld.

2. Puppy Tweets: Purebred Breeders did not find this as brow-raising as number one, but it was a close second. This gadget gives your pooch the chance to be a twitter star with each bark or movement through its 500 readily programmed tweets. The device randomly selects a message when a pooch barks or moves while wearing it, then sends it out to Tweeters everywhere via the dog's Twitter account.

3. Aikiou Bowl: We are not sure how we feel about this dog food bowl, but we do find the concept funny. It has several areas for the food to be stored, and is designed to slow down your fast eating dog. This targets owners with dogs that eat extremely fast, which could lead to digestive concerns.

4. Fetchtastic: short on time to play catch? No problem. Let the Fetchtastic do the trick. This automatic fetch machine dispenses balls for your canine friend to chase and catch, which should free up some time for you.

5. Bubbletastic: Purebred Breeders is convinced that someone said: "Dogs love bacon, dogs love bubbles...why not combine the two." This is exactly what Bubbletastic is; a machine that combines bacon and bubbles. Watch your dog chase bacon-flavored bubbles around as the machine releases them. Purebred Breeders is sure it will be fun for the two of you.

Do you use any of the above? Or, would you buy any? Do you know of stranger ones? Purebred Breeders is curious to know what kinds of gadgets our readers have acquired over the years for their furry friends. Feel free to drop us a line!

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