Thursday, April 12, 2012 | Easter Egg Hunt for Pooches is delighted to see how innovative, creative, and downright quirky dog owners have been spending their Easter. One of the funniest and most creative idea we came across was a blog detailing an Easter egg hunt for dogs on! The blog is done from the dog's perspective which makes it even more interesting. (As you can probably tell from our last post, adores it when owners allow dogs to talk.)

Kolchak is a pug/beagle mix and one of two dogs (the other being his brother Felix) owned by the blogger, Jodi, who is affectionately referred to as "Mama". All three live happily in Canada, and spent a fun-filled day hiding (the owner) and searching (both dogs) for treats. The result was a lot of exercise, treats, photo ops, and laughter all around.

Mama's Tips For Doggy Easter Hunt

  1. Forgo the eggs if you have a powerful chewer on your hands. Instead, just hide the treats where you would put the eggs with treats inside them.
  2. The aim is to make it fun for all, so if your dog isn't such a keen smeller, "hide" the treats in plain sight. It's fun either way if eggs are being used, since the fun would be in popping them open. Or, just place "unegged" treats in little corners that are close enough to sniff out to increase the fun.
  3. Use treats with really strong smells if your dog is not such a strong smeller. Also, make sure eggs have holes in them to release the treat's scent if you opt to use eggs.
  4. Monitor your dogs with the plastic shells, and never allow them to play with cracked or broken ones.
  5. You need to hide the treats when they are not looking, but make sure they see you put them in the shells if you are using eggs. This way they know what the strange objects have inside.
  6. Try to build trust and anticipation by holding a treat and an egg together. Feed the dog the loose treat, then give him or her the egg. Only do this once before the game starts.

The game works just like egg-hunting for humans, so doesn't think it should not be too hard. Another “Mama” note: be certain to make a note of all eggs or treats hidden and found, then collect those that are left at the end of the game. It may be too late for this year, if so, keep this one in your doggy files just in case you need something interesting to do next year!

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