Monday, April 9, 2012

Dogs and Social Media: The Habit of Creating Social Profiles for Dogs | Purebred Breeders LLC

Every Facebook user has seen one; a "sponsored story" to the right of their screen with an adorable dog as the picture. If you are like us, then that means you've clicked such an ad at least once. How surprised were you to realize the page was actually the dog's Facebook profile. Purebred Breeders LLC kids you not. Most of us have seen at least one social profile (no matter the platform/site being used) that was made by the owner solely for their dog.

True, dog owners have been doing this for years to showcase their canine friends. Purebred Breeders LLC has seen blogs, videos, and pictures of so many in just this past week, so we know it is not rare. However, there is still something to be said about the efforts of dog lovers to showcase their own as well as other dogs, whether to raise awareness or entertain, however this post is not about those types of profiles.

This is about those profiles made from the dog's perspective! Yes, you read right. More and more people are creating profiles where their dogs actually speak. They post pics, make comments, and respond to user comments. Even more interestingly, the users respect that it is the dog's page, and they respond in that manner.

A Perfect Example

"Sarah is (unfortunately) back from vacation. She brought me a shirt that not only doesn't fit, but a shirt that reflects a sentiment that is so not true," and below it? An adorable picture of a big dog with a little shirt spread on his chest that says "Yes I'm Cute. I got it from my mom"

This is one of the Facebook status updates of a cute, and rather vocal Choppy. He has been on the social network since 03/05/2010, has an email address, website, and a blog. Choppy has a knack for letting his fans know what mischief his owner has been up to, and what clothing she's trying to stick him in.

The photos make you "aw," the updates make you laugh, and there is so much involvement between him and his "fans" that the page is downright entertaining. Plus, Purebred Breeders LLC thinks the twist it gives to the dog/owner dynamic just makes it even more interesting. The owner actually posts things from the dog’s perspective. He gets to have a full opinion, and from looking at the pics, they often seem spot on since that's probably what the viewer is thinking.

So Purebred Breeders LLC has to ask, do you have a social profile for your dog? If so, does he or she speak, or do you just use it to brag about having the world's best dog? If not, would you consider creating one and taking on the "persona" of your dog?

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