Friday, May 4, 2012 | 10 of the Priciest Pets Around the World

You may be as surprised as was to learn that the US will spend more than a staggering $52 million this year to take care of their pets. What may be even more surprising is that there are many privileged pooches who will be individually responsible for putting a dent in this massive figure, with some commanding thousands or even millions. This is the list of the ten priciest pets around the world (on record).

 In no specific order:

  1. Designer Alexander McQueen left behind three pampered terriers who have a sizable inheritance to help them get by. Each of the dogs, Callum, Juice, and Minter, are expected to inherit about $82,000.
  2. Danielle Tarantola spent $50,000 to ensure that she never had to go without her beloved Pooch “Trouble”. Tarantola dealt with Trouble’s passing in a different way than most would...a South Korean clone named “Double Trouble” was created when Trouble died at the age of 18. 
  3. Gail Posner left her Chihuahua $3 million and a mansion to ensure that the pooch would continue to be pampered after she was gone. This inheritance was merely a continuation of a life the dog was already used to. 
  4. There is another “Trouble” on the list, although this little pooch passed on in 2010. Owned by the now deceased Leona Helmsley, Trouble was willed $12 million dollars to cover pampering, grooming (around $8,000) and security (approximately $100,000). 
  5. Britain’s Emma Butarrazz spends some $400 per month on her pooch named Prince. Prince gets everything from very a specific morning bubble bath ritual complete with conditioning and moisturizing, to expensive outfits in his ever growing closest. 
  6. All the way in Italy lives Tomasso, the black cat of the late Maria Assunta, who inherited $13 million. By far the richest on this list, Tomasso started life on the streets, but was taken into the lap of luxury where he has lived ever since.
  7. The name Big Splash is certainly fitting considering that this Red Tibetan Mastiff cost his Chinese owner $1.5 million! This whopping sum may have been nothing to the business tycoon. 
  8. Nicky is yet another pricey clone that ran her owner, Julie, some $65,000 after the original died. The pooch is seen as one of the first commercial clones, and was created by a company based in San Francisco. 
  9. Annelise Peterson also paid $65,000 for her pup. Apparently the blood line was so important that it was worth every penny. 
  10. Imagine temperature controlled beds, flatscreen TVs, spa baths, sound systems and private play area and you think about a nice home or resort. Well, this is a $417,000 home build for 2 Great Danes by their English owner, who then completed the pad with retina scanners to secure the premises. is sure there are more, but these do rank among the highest. It will be interesting to see how this list changes when looking back over the full year. We are also a bit anxious to see what the 2013 list will look like.

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