Friday, May 18, 2012

Purebred Breeders reviews Dog Toys for Avid Chewers

Some dogs chew a lot and for different reasons. Some naturally like chewing or can develop an oral fixation (the Golden Retriever is a perfect example), others chew when bored, and puppies often do this when teething. Also in some cases, older dogs continue to chew because training did not properly address the issue. Purebred Breeders reviews this and suggests that owners of dogs who chew a lot combine training and the appropriate toys to ensure that the dog only chews what he or she is allowed to. This is why we embarked on a mission to review different categories of toys that should satisfy just about any tough chewer, regardless of the reason for the habit.

Toys for Avid Chewers 
      1. Bones: the more common ones are rawhide or beef. Be sure to watch your dog to see how he or she treats them and remove pieces that can't be swallowed. Also, replace it when it has worn down to the point that it could be easy to swallow.  Purebred Breeders reviews this category of toys and feels that if your dog breaks off large chunks at a time or wears through one in less than two days then he or she may need something harder. Please note that beef bones can cause fractured teeth.  Bully bones are more expensive and wear away quicker that rawhide or beef bones, but seem to be safer and easily digested.

 2. Cow hooves. These are common however; they should not be given to dogs that tend to swallow things whole since they can be easy to swallow for some canines.

 3. Soft squeaky toys: these are best for small dogs. They can be plastic or rubber and tend to keep dogs busy as well as entertained due to the sound. Rubber is usually more durable since most plastic will burst under duress.

 4. Tough squeaky toys: these are great for larger dogs since they can easily destroy soft ones. They are also hard to bite off which reduces the possibility of your dog swallowing chunks of rubber or plastic.

 5.  Educational Toys: there are now many toys that facilitate chewing while providing mental stimulation for your pooch. The best part is they also automatically dispense treats, so your pup is rewarded for meeting the objective. Purebred Breeders reviews the use of these because they help the dog to satisfy the need to chew, develop mentally, and associate the toy with reward which means he or she is likely to focus on it. This may even lead to your four-legged friend chewing only when treats are given.

Purebred Breeders reviews that some toys may have harmful chemicals so exercise caution when choosing. Please do some research and be sure to check the ingredients for each toy you buy. Also, always listen out for possible recalls; shopping at the same location is one way to ensure that you are kept abreast of these. Lastly, monitor your dog’s usage to see how he or she treats the toy as this is the only way to know which one is best.

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