Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Getting Your Dog a Personalized Tag |

Dog tags have one main function; allowing persons to properly ID your dog and contact you in the event that that your pooch gets lost, stolen or wanders away from home. In fact, if you have ever lost a pet or known someone who has, then you understand the importance of your dog having proper identification. has spoken on other ways to do this, but the conventional way (using a tag worn around the neck) is still the most popular. This means that a standard tag will do, but why not spoil your canine companion a little with his or her very own design?

Personal tags are stylish, allow you to add additional information, as well as create something that sets your friend apart from the rest. Best of all, they are easy to get. went in search of personalization services on the web and had many options within minutes.

What to Put On Your Tag recommends that you ensure the following are on your dog’s personalized tag:
·         Dog’s name and any alias
·         Your name
·         Your address
·         Your contact number and alternative contact
·         Dog’s registration status

The rest is up to you. Some owners put cool sayings, poetry, little love notes, health information, or anything that they think is important to the dog’s safe return.

While the team does support you in showing your pooch some love, at the end of the day it does not matter how stylish your personalized tag is. What feels is most important is that it carries out its primary function which is to help identify your dog if something unfortunate happens; so go ahead and spoil your pooch a little or stick to conventions, either way, there is a personal dog tag provider out there who is waiting to help.

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