Wednesday, May 16, 2012

19th Century Dog Portrait with a Twist | Purebred Breeders

If you are a dog owner, then chances are you have taken tons of photographs of your four-legged friend. After all, your pooch is very much a part of your family. But photography is not the only way to capture loving memories of your dog. Purebred Breeders likes the idea of an actual portrait because it is an alternative that allows you to play around with many ideas, and even create scenes that represent another space and time. In fact, portraits have been a popular way of immortalizing pets for a long time.

From what Purebred Breeders sees, animal portraits these days (particularly those of dogs), have taken a new spin. You can now give your dog a 19th century portrait which places your canine companion in a time long before he or she existed.  Any portrait can be fun, but a 19th century portrait is not your typical kind. It is instead a regal piece that features your pooch with an air of nobility while giving off a sense of immortality.

Thanks to the dedication and quality work of the talented portrait artist Andrew Pinkham, dog owners everywhere can have stunning images of their dogs in 19th century aesthetics. Each of these paintings is unique and is designed to capture the sheer beauty of the subject. As such, no two are alike. Purebred Breeders learned that each dog’s build, natural presence, lines and other unique characteristics are taken into consideration by the artist, resulting in a finished product that is sure to please.

The overall concept of "dog paintings" is not new, but they often capture the pooch in his or her own era. This is why Purebred Breeders believes the allure behind Pinkham's work is how well he transposes each pooch into pre-modern times. In fact, looking at the photos of his work, each piece is like his own rewriting of history as he beautifully forms a bridge between the past and the present to create a snapshot of each dog that looks authentic, timeless, and that will undoubtedly live on for many years to come.


  1. Thank you so much for your thoughtful commentary about my animal portraits and doing this article on your blog. One point that I need to make clear is that I am a photographer and these are photographs that you are viewing.
    Below, is a brief statement about my work style.

    5 years ago, I set out to create a body of work that not only draws on my childhood influences, but also my passion for animals and portraiture. Well known artists such as George Stubbs and John James Audubon have impacted my work in a big way.

    These historic influences are offset by modern means of fabrication using photography and software. I want to challenge beliefs of
    what we think of as historical or authentic, whether it was made today or a
    hundred years ago. To blur the lines of time and to engage the viewer in how
    we interpret history itself.

    Andrew Pinkham Photography
    > Philadelphia, PA
    > 215-901-0445

  2. Wow, that's beautiful! Is there contact info or a website for the photographer?