Friday, May 11, 2012

Purebred Breeders | Pros and Cons of Home-Cooked Dog Food

Switching to homemade dog food is a good idea if you want to feed healthier meals to your furry companion but are unable to afford a premium or specialty brand. This will also prove helpful if your dog has certain allergies or special dietary needs. However, Purebred Breeders should point out that every care should be taken to understand the pros and cons of cooking your dog's food before switching to a home diet.

Purebred Breeders found several benefits to feeding home-cooked meals to your dog including the option of creating a custom diet for your pet which offers both nutrition and variety. Additionally, homemade foods can reduce bloating associated with many brands, remove the possibility of feeding your pooch junk, and save you from the risks associated with pet food recalls. In addition to these, it tends to be a healthier option overall since it is freshly prepared and does not contain the preservative or colorings that are present in most commercial pet foods.
Purebred Breeders must point out that this practice has its downsides, so caution must be taken. Remember that feeding a dog is like feeding a baby so you need to be aware of your pet’s dietary needs and monitor portions as well as ingredients carefully. It can therefore be time consuming to cook for your pet, and you may find it difficult to fit it into your busy schedule.

Furthermore, preparing foods for your pooch can be expensive depending on what you choose to make, and it can even be hazardous if you mistakenly use an ingredient that is harmful when ingested by dogs. Another downside is that some persons end up over feeding their four-legged friend. Purebred Breeders therefore recommends that you research things to avoid, as well as seek expert advice on what to prepare, and how to accurately measure portions.
Purebred Breeders would like to further stress the importance of checking with your veterinarian before you start making your own dog food. Remember that a good diet is the key to having a healthy and happy dog, so you want to make sure you get this right no matter what option you chose. Luckily, the cons can easily be addressed if you take the time and pay attention to the important details.

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