Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Purebred Breeders reviews Why Dogs Hide

Dogs do many things that we do not fully understand. In fact, we do not understand some at all. One simple thing they do that puzzles many owners is hide under things. This can be the bed, couch, table, a chair, or just about anything a dog can get under. Today Purebred Breeders Reviews will look at a few reasons dogs hide, and what to do (if anything).

Unfortunately, fear is often the reason for why dogs run and hide, especially under the bed. The fear at the moment may be justified (such as a loud sound, storm, or sudden darkness), or unjustified (such as a memory triggered from past occurrences before you got him or her), and can occur whether or not you contribute to it. Some dogs will hide if they sense they have done something wrong, or if they are afraid of another pet in the house. Visitors can also cause this reaction in overly shy dogs or those that have not been fully socialized. Purebred Breeders Reviews recommends that you try to identify what is causing the fear and reassure the dog. You may only be able to avoid past behaviors in order to help the dog get past them, and to be reassuring when those memories surface.

Your dog could be playing with another pet, a member of the family or trying to get you to start playing. This is especially the case if he or she has been taught to play games such as hide and seek. It may also be an attempt to play a cute trick on you.

They may just find the area to be cool and comfortable, or even warm and comfortable, it all depends. A nice carpet, along with the privacy and temperature under the bed or couch, can attract your pup. This is especially true if he or she finds it to be much better than his or her designated sleeping spot. The times your pup does this, and how often, should help you determine if this is the reason. Purebred Breeders Reviews suggests you watch out for this type of behavior pattern.

Some dogs will move away from the rest of the family when sick. The spot chosen may be under the bed, couch or table, a corner or even some place outside. Purebred Breeders Reviews urges you to investigate if your pooch is hiding and doesn’t seem to be his or her usual self. Look for one or more symptoms such as lethargy, excess drooling, vomiting, difficulty breathing, labored breathing, wheezing, low moaning or whining. These could each suggest something is wrong. You can also look for signs of injury or digestive trouble. The problem could be mild with no need for medical attention, but you should see a vet if you are unsure.

This is different from fear in that the dog may just be experiencing separation anxiety in a new home, or feel uncomfortable around visitors. Hiding under the bed or couch could just be your canine friend’s way of finding somewhere familiar. Shy dogs will avoid strangers even if they are not afraid of them because just like humans they may just prefer to not be in a room full of people they hardly know. Purebred Breeders Reviews advises that you try remedying this through training and socialization.

A dog that hides under the table only may just be waiting for food to drop, or for someone to give him or her something they don’t want. Purebred Breeders Reviews recommends that you make note of when your dog goes under the table. If it is leading up to or during a meal, then he or she has most likely associated being under the table with free food.

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