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Dog Inspired Businesses | Purebred Breeders LLC

In a lot of ways dog are good for business whether it is by offering therapeutic services to stressed employees, inspiring home startups in dog services, inspiring animal lovers to go to vet school, or by affording additional income to non-professionals offering dog services. But what about unrelated businesses inspired by dogs? In fact, things like dog-themed restaurants or eateries, coffee shops, and breweries seem to be rather popular. Take a look at a few businesses Purebred Breeders LLC found that were inspired by dogs although some have nothing to do with dog-related products.


The Pet Set LLC


9/11 has impacted every American life in one way or another, and while some are still seeking closure, others have found a way to fully experience life. Some have chosen to use the event to fuel a new life, and Kim Banks is one. As the owner of a unique stationery company inspired by the dogs she watched work at Ground Zero, Banks offers a variety of products including gift card sets and dog breed literary cards. In fact, everything she provides is inspired by one of over 41 breeds currently being used for her line. Based on Purebred Breeders LLC’s reading, her products are handcrafted and high-quality, and her concept is innovative. Yet, her main aim when she was inspired was to simply create a business in which dogs would be the focus.

Buddy Brew Coffee

This is the tale of how a creative couple (Susan and Dave) turned their affection for coffee and their dog Buddy into a well-loved company. The way Purebred Breeders LLC sees it, Buddy Brew was to a great degree accidentally started and named when the pair handed out quirky Christmas gifts to family and friends. The company grew out of requests made when the lucky recipients of some of the best coffee beans started hounding the gifters for more. The pair had spent years searching for ways to make great coffee, and is now using the results of that quest to bring the perfect cup to all who seek it. As for the name, the story has it that they created the label for the presents as a joke however, the name stuck. Now, their mission is to provide a service that emulates all that Buddy embodies; “love, loyalty, friendship and companionship”

Purebred Breeders LLC List of Other Businesses Found

1. Mutt Lynch Winery (Sonoma, California)
2. Biff’s Bakery (Flagstaff, Arizona)
3. Flying Dog Brewery (Frederick, Maryland)
4. (New York City, New York)
5. Thirsty Dog Brewing Company (Akron, Ohio)
6. The Corner Pug (West Hartford, Connecticut)
7. The Great Dane Pub and Brewery Company (Madison, Wisconsin)

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