Thursday, June 14, 2012

Four Fun Grooming Tips From Purebred Breeders LLC

Dog grooming can be a pain for owners, but often times the pooches hate it even more. Bathing, brushing, teeth cleaning, nail clipping, ear cleaning, and coat cuts are all a part of a dog’s life, and depending on breed the frequency will vary. So it is always good to learn how to get your dog to like or at least tolerate the process. Here are four things Purebred Breeders LLC believes will help you get your dog warmed-up to the idea.

Purebred Breeders LLC List of Fun Grooming Tips

1. Always have treats. Next to taking it slowly and allowing your dog to get used to one process before starting another, giving treats as you go along is one of the best ways to get your four-legged friend to settle down to be groomed. As with all training matters, Purebred Breeders LLC feels that positive reinforcement always provides the best results.

2. Try to turn it into a game. Some breeds absolutely hate the water. In this case Purebred Breeders LLC believes a bath in a kiddie pool and a good imagination may pay off well, although you want to avoid overdoing it.

3. Link a favorite activity with post-grooming. Does your dog like fetch or any specific playtime? If so, you may be able to use it as an advantage when grooming time comes. One way of doing this, is to send your dog out to play after. The idea is to get your dog to understand “first I get groomed, then I go have fun.” Purebred Breeders LLC would also like to warn you about calling your dog in from a favorite past time to start the grooming process since this could build trust issues and make the process even less desirable.

4. Pet and praise. Praising a dog for a job well done after each step/milestone is likely to get him or her to complete the process. Also, petting is soothing and should be used at every sign of anxiety to calm the dog. 

Purebred Breeders LLC highly recommends that you get clear instructions on how to groom your dog so you understand what to do and what to avoid. The team also advises that you be as gentle, patient, and careful as possible, since we as groomers are often responsible for the dislike our dogs show towards grooming. Lastly, learn to spot signs of discomfort that go outside of the normal discontent your pooch has for ear cleaning, nail clipping, or any other grooming procedure. Done incorrectly you could easily inflict pain, plus the dog may have an issue that went undetected.

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