Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bo Obama, The First Dog of the United States - Purebred Breeders

Many dogs have jobs that put them in the spotlight, but being the First Dog is on a whole different level. At least we’re sure that’s what Bo Obama would say if we could understand him. Bo is as active a part of the family as everyone else is with everything from TV shows, to conferences, and greeting guests of the White House. In fact, the little pooch has to make quite a number of appearances and attend events, which means his White house and media duties are almost never done. Add this to living a dog’s life, and it’s no wonder Purebred Breeders is smitten with the little cutie!

 How the Story Started

The search for the perfect First dog sparked many debates. People across the country were weighing in on the breed to get, there were critics who felt choosing a shelter dog was the only right thing to do, and there were concerns that any breed chosen might have sparked a breeding frenzy because its popularity was expected to soar. However, the family’s main concern was the need for a hypoallergenic dog. In the end the First family settled on a then 6-month old pup, a gift from Senator Ted Kennedy. Bo is a Portuguese water dog that had been returned to Kennedy by his previous owner, and as Purebred Breeders sees it, this is probably as good a second chance as they come.

The Portuguese Water Dog

Developed along the Iberian Peninsula, this breed served as a fisherman’s helper for centuries. The breed is a champion swimmer, almost doesn’t shed, is great for those who suffer from allergies, and now serves as therapy as well as assistance dogs. A breed that dangerously dwindled in numbers, the Portuguese water dog was saved by the efforts of Vasco Bensaude of Portugal through a breeding program, and was first introduced to the US in 1958. Common personality traits include being loyal, high-energy, and spirited. They seem to thrive on the attention that comes from being amusing, and are known to keep people laughing. They are also agile, affectionate, animated, and require lots of exercise.

Bo’s Public Appeal

Though there are jokes about him being naughty for things like stealing the show by barking or running across a reporter’s shot, the dog is loved by all who see and meet him. To begin with, he is cute and like most dog lovers Purebred Breeders cannot help “oohing and awing” over the little fellow! Then, he is quite the people-pleaser, a true representative of his breed. Luckily for him, the White House has enough space for him to run around, and with all his appearances he’s sure to get in a good amount of playtime. All in all, Bo Obama is living the good life.

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