Monday, July 9, 2012

How to Make a Doggy Pool | Reviews

Having fun this summer is a top priority for most dog owners, so too is keeping cool so why not combine the two? Today Reviews brings you a fun idea that is both economical and functional plus, it allows you to conserve and be green. Follow these steps to create a backyard swimming/doggy pool.

What You Need

An old tub that is big enough
A good secure location
Inflatable floaties
A few toys

What To Do

1. Simply put the tub where you want it, a shady area may be best, but you definitely want to put it someplace that will not get slippery when wet. The grass is best, especially when there are no worries about muddy paws.

2. Fill the tub to the desired level. How much water will depend on the size of the tub and the dog, the dog's ability to swim well, and the pool’s purpose. Do you want the pooch to just soak, waddle around, or swim?

3. Put on the floaties even if your dog swims well since you may have to move away for a while and you want to be sure the dog is safe.

4. Throw in the toys and allow the pooch to get in.

 After the Fun

Unless it gets messy, you can use the water to water plants, wash the driveway, or even rinse away excess dirt when washing outside furniture. reviews also recommends that you use it for things such as washing gutters or even wetting uncovered dirt to keep dust down if your area is windy. The team is also sure you can come up with other things to do with it, and you could even ask your vet for a safe product to use in the water that allows you to keep it for a few days so you do not have to drain your doggy pool too often.

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