Friday, November 11, 2011

$1,000 meal for a Dog??

Purebred Breeders has heard of weird things dogs have eaten before, but this story is unique!  A married couple in St. Augustine, Joe and Christy Lawrenson, have been saving to pay off their car, and so every time they collect $1,000 they take it to the bank to deposit the money.  Two weeks ago, before they had a chance to take the saved funds to the bank, their dog Tuity, a lab, chow and bulldog mix apparently got a hold of the envelope. 

After finding pieces of the hundred dollar bills scattered on the floor when returning to the house for lunch, they realized Tuity had snatched the cash and had eaten it.  Tuity was given peroxide to induce vomiting and the couple was then able to piece together $900 of the $1,000 when the dog regurgitated the bills.  However, the serial numbers from the last $100 bill were unrecoverable, so they have sent it to the Department of Treasury explaining the situation in hopes of getting reimbursed for the amount.

“We just keep our money away from her now,” Joe Lawrenson said.

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