Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Purebred Breeders: Camping with your Dog

Purebred Breeders knows how exciting a family camping trip can be.  Why not have your dog come along for the family fun?  Here are some tips for making camping with your dog a success.

  • Find a dog-friendly campsite
    • Don’t assume. Make sure that the campgrounds you are choosing accepts animals, some may even require a health or rabies certificate.
  • Do a vet check before traveling
    • The veterinarian will be able to evaluate your dog’s fitness level and advise you if he or she is healthy enough for travel and camping excursions. It is also important that all of your dog’s vaccinations be up-to-date, as well as rabies shots. 
    • Make sure to keep your dog’s exercise during this trip compatible for what is suitable for its size, ability and fitness level.  A Chihuahua is less likely to keep up with you on a hiking trail than a Labrador Retriever, so do not expect it to.
  • Know your flora
  • Bring a leash
    • As is applicable in most social situations, having your dog under your control puts other campers at ease.  Not everyone is receptive to animals and having a dog walk into their campsite, bark at them or intimidate them in some way is not acceptable.
  • Doggie bags
    • Clean up after your dog for both etiquette and sanitary reasons.
  • First aid kit
    • In the event that your dog gets hurt while camping, a first aid kit can be helpful in treating minor cuts or scrapes, also include in the kit a pair of tweezers for removing thorns.
  • Tie up your dog at night
    • This is both for your protection as well as that of your four-legged family member.  Tying your dog up at night will assure your dog’s safety by not allowing it to run after critters in the night.  It will also serve for your family’s protection so that nothing will catch you unexpectedly in the middle of the night without notice.
  • Water bowl (portable)
    • In hot weather, just like you and I, your dog is more prone to dehydration so having a water bowl near the tent or a portable one for walks and hikes is a good idea.
  • Pack a dog bed
    • Though some dogs can sleep comfortably outside and in warm weather, if your trip is nearing the winter months, a dog bed will be necessary to protect them for the chilly ground.
  • ID your dog
    • Your dog should already be ID-ed but when bringing your dog into unknown territory with other animals that he might be distracted by, this is even more crucial.  Consider microchipping your pet if you have not already done so.
  • Don’t leave the dog unattended inside the tent.
    • All of your camping gear is stored here, if your dog has behavioral issues leaving them unattended can destroy an entire camping trip.  Pack dog toys and doggie snacks to avoid chewing on camping gear/apparel.
  • Notify someone where you are going
    • This is a general camping tip, make sure a friend, a ranger, or a fellow camper knows where you will be.  Do not rely on your cell phone as your battery could die, your phone could fall, etc.  Leaving without letting someone know where you are going and when you will be returning is irresponsible and could lead to a longer delay time before a search is organized in the unfortunate event that something does go wrong.

We hope that the information provided has given you some insight into what goes into creating an awesome camping experience for all the members of your family, including the dog.  From Purebred Breeders:  HAPPY CAMPING!!

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