Thursday, January 12, 2012

Purebred Breeders LLC | The World's Smallest Working Dog

We have a new member of the Guinness Book of World Records!  Purebred Breeders LLC presents Lucy, a 2.5 pound Yorkshire Terrier from New Jersey was named world’s smallest working dog last week.  Her predecessor was a 6.6 pound police dog in Japan named Momo that works in search-and-rescue.

Lucy, who is 3 years old was trained in therapy work and sometimes does her visits at hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, and special schools wearing cute little dresses.  Her current owner met Lucy and decided to adopt her when her previous owner stopped by her shop as she was on her way to a shelter.  She works through the Leashes of Love program, an all-volunteer pet therapy group.  She is trained to sit or lay for long periods of time, and not be flustered when there are wheelchairs and walkers all around. 

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