Monday, September 17, 2012

Things to Consider When Planning Your Dog’s Birthday Bash -

Dogs love attention, and what greater way is there to shower your four-legged companion with love and affection than throwing grand birthday party! If you believe your dog’s birthday must be celebrated, is delighted to give you tips on how to throw a great party for your companion. There are plenty of ideas that you can explore. The main goal is to have fun doing it, while making sure everyone involved, especially the birthday dog, enjoys it with friends and family.

Once you have selected a date for the celebrations, you are ready to send out invitations. Oh boy, oh boy! Just planning your invitations can be so exciting, and parties like these get dog lovers/parents excited. There are many themes that can be used as you can tailor make them to compliment the birthday dog and owner or companion. Themes can be derived from many sources, such as your favorite doggy movie, cartoon characters, favorite activities or based on your dog’s character. encourages that you have fun, as the list is unending and depends solely on what you want to achieve. Make it fun and spontaneous as well by personalizing invitations. Consideration must be given as to whether an outdoor or indoor party is more appropriate.

The option exists to either purchase or make your own decorations. recommends that the décor suit the theme of the party, this will make it a fun experience. The decorations could, for example, replicate your dog’s favorite toy or outdoor activity, and decorations could be placed everywhere and even on the guests, both human and dogs. Everybody loves a good costume party, and guests could be enticed to wear a doggy costumes. For that party feeling, decorated balloons, personalized party plates and cups, party hats, wall decorations, inflatable toys, among many other decoration ideas, are a must.

Top off a great party with good, fun food and treats. Doggy treats in assorted colors, sizes and shapes sounds delicious. And who doesn’t love bones? Bones, cake, small treats, doggy patties and meatloaves, and lots more could be on your menu.  Who says your dogs can’t have a three course meal? What about their human companions? Should their treats look the same or have similar ingredients where possible? The final decisions are left to your imagination, the possibilities are endless. Treats can also be used as rewards when its ‘game time’. suggests that parents could do this while sharing amusing or interesting doggy stories, you’ll be surprised how much you can learn from each other in the process. The birthday cake is the major highlight of the moment, there is no reason you can’t show off, after all, it’s your doggy’s special day. guarantee that play time with your pets and their parent’s is the most delightful part of the celebrations. Indoor games can be just as fun as outdoor games; the outdoors give you and your dog the space to run, jump and catch, while indoor games allow you to be more creative. Game ideas such as races with parent in tow, hide and seek (hiding items and seeing which dog finds it first). The canine guests could take turns showing off their favorite tricks, as well as playing fetch or other games they love to play when their in the park.

What’s a birthday without gifts? Gift ideas can be inexpensive and pleasurable. You could totally leave it up to the guests to choose a gift or give them hints about what you would love for your dog. Practical gifts are always the best; these could include grooming kits, gift vouchers for pet stores, dog collars, doggy bowls, and homemade treats among many other gifts. Keepsakes for your visiting friends and their owners are always a good way of thanking them for sharing in the occasion. One of the greatest gifts that thinks you can give to yourself and your favorite companion is to capture the special moments by taking photographs that you can reminisce and place in your family album.

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