Monday, October 1, 2012

Tips for Capturing Charming Photos of your Dog | Purebred Breeders LLC

A good dog photograph is that one snapshot that shows your dog’s personality. Capturing that moment in time when your dog’s emotions - whether curiosity, anxiety, love, adoration, protectiveness, aggression, happiness, etc, is worthwhile.  However, this isn’t always easy to achieve and can take a lot of patience, understanding, time and energy. Here are a few few tips and Purebred Breeders LLC:

Your dog must be comfortable in his environment. If he/she is uncomfortable, chances are the portrait will be of low quality and would only seek to capture the dog’s physical presence, rather than its character. Dogs, like people, have different personality traits; an active dog may prefer an environment conducive to running and playing such as the park, while a lazy dog may be comfortable laying down in a cool area or in a sleeping basket. Dogs love to be with their friends and family. Purebred Breeders gives paws up to photos of dogs in their natural environment doing their regular routine, as it’s likely to turn out great.

Be playful. A good romp makes them happy and toys can be used to encourage this. Purebred Breeders, LLC encourages you to play with your dog and help them to develop their trust and self confidence. After playing to their hearts content, dogs are normally tired and willing to do whatever you desire, as they are too tired to protest. At this point, you can dress them up and use props to enhance your photographs with few challenges.

Don’t forget those treats! Purebred Breeders, LLC reminds you that dogs love the reward system for being a “good doggie,” and a treat should always be given to encourage good behavior, especially after your dog has been gracious. If your dog is good at obeying commands, and will stay or sit in a position of your choice, this will definitely add to a less stressing snapshot. Remember not to overdo it; dogs tire and get bored too.

There is a saying that ‘the eyes are the windows to the soul,’ and this is also true for dogs. Try to be at eye level with your dog; Purebred Breeders, LLC guarantees that you will get some of the most exhilarating pictures that can tell so much about your dog’s personality.

Be alert and ready to take the shot. Your camera should not take a long time to capture the scene. Also, be prepared to take lots of photos from different angles and distances until you get the perfect shot. Knowing your camera settings and the limitations of your camera is important.

Good lighting is essential for a perfect photo, no matter the subject. Not all dogs will tolerate the use of flash, as this can be quite irritating or frightening to them. Digital cameras allow you to delete, so experimenting with different lighting in varying environment is recommended.  You would be surprised that good pictures of dogs are not only captured in extremely bright light and shadows; these situations don’t necessarily spoil a picture.

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