Friday, February 24, 2012

Purebred Breeders presents the Dogs of Mardi Gras

Purebred Breeders can vouch for dogs loving to be a part of our lives and the holidays are no different. Mardi Gras is officially over but the one thing you may not know about the holiday is that dogs have a lot of fun partying too.

On Saturday, February 18, Passion for Pets, a pet store in Newton, Kansas hosted a Mardi Gras party for dogs, where the canine attendees claimed their beads, shared treats and celebrated the festival. The experience is great for dogs and a good opportunity to practice their socialization skills, just be sure that your dog is fully vaccinated before bringing him or her to other dog events.

In Sandestin, Florida, on Sunday, they held their 9th annual Mardi Gras Dog Parade, where more than 50 dogs participated. Many of the dogs were costumed in everything from lifeguard outfits, swimwear and surfboards to match this year’s theme of “Cruising Canines: Fetch a Wave.” The judges graded the dogs based on personality, theme and other criteria. The star of the parade, Brody, a Westie sat completely costumed in a remote-controlled car that drove through the parade.

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