Thursday, February 16, 2012

Purebred Breeders: Can your dog be a therapy dog?

Purebred Breeders:  Can your dog be a therapy dog?

Your dog makes a big impact in your life but does your dog have the potential to help others as well?  Purebred Breeders knows that dogs have many benefits to their dog owners apart from being adorable companions.  Being a therapy dog is great, for both your dog and for the patients whose lives will be impacted by their presence.  Therapy dogs can be separated into two categories of what they do, this helps to better define which you think would be better for your dog.  

There are some requirements that a dog needs to meet before it can become a therapy dog.  For starters the dog should be well-behaved and obedience trained.  The dog should be well-socialized as it will be interacting with different people constantly.  Part of their training will be to get accustomed to being around wheelchairs and medical equipment as well.

Animal-assisted activities

This includes visits to nursing home or hospital wards and interacting with the patients.  Purebred Breeders and dog owners alike know that dogs can bring happiness to their owners and they have this same effect on medical patients as well.  They can be involved in group activities or spend time with the patients individually contributing to ‘quality of life’ benefits.  

Animal-assisted therapy

Animal-assisted therapy is when the dogs are part of a formal treatment program.  This can include anything from helping with a physical, speech or cognitive impairment. 
After your dog undergoes evaluation, training and certification, you can find volunteer opportunities for your dog or have your dog join a therapy program.

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