Friday, February 10, 2012

Purebred Breeders: Do-It-Yourself projects for dog owners!

With the economic downturn, more dog owners are looking for DIY solutions for their pets.  If you’re looking to lead a healthy and more frugal life with your family, four-legged friends included, Purebred Breeders scoured the Internet and found some of these helpful tutorials for dog owners:

Having a puppy or dog with special needs can take a toll of the family, both emotionally and financially.  Being able to provide our disabled pets with the life they deserve can often prove to be too much for the family.  These dogs can end up in shelters and are likely to be euthanized as they might be considered unadoptable.  With this tutorial you can build your own wheelchair for your dog, allowing it to be content and active once more:

Purebred Breeders found this helpful do-it-yourself tutorial also for those dog owners that love convenience.  If you’re an active dog owner, you may run into the occasion where you’re going on a hike, a run, or you’re out with your dog at a park and your dog is extremely thirsty, but you don’t have a dog bowl.  Maybe you’re a social butterfly and when you bring dog along to a restaurant or a friend’s home, there’s isn't a bowl for them nearby.  Well this tutorial allows you to create a collapsible travel dish for your dog, you can then fill it with food or water according to your needs.

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