Friday, March 9, 2012

Purebred Breeders | Big Gifts for Pampered Pooches

Purebred Breeders knows our dogs, similar to the Seven Dwarfs, have their own distinct personalities.  You could have a Sleepy, a Doc, a Dopey, a Bashful, a Happy, a Sneezy or a Grumpy, or a combination of these.

This week Purebred Breeders reviews a different kind of dog with a big personality.  The pink-loving, pampered pooches that are the highlight of their owners' fabulous lives.

Here are some fun dog products for your fabulous dog:

This princess canopy dog bed would be wonderful for a tiny well-trained dog.  The cover is machine washable and removable.  Just remember the only concern is that your dog be old enough and well-trained so that it will not entertain itself with the dog bed cover by chewing and scratching it.

I Love Dogs Diamonds is a whole another ballpark for dog owners looking to spoil their dogs in a big, big expensive way.  The company is dedicated to providing pampered pooches with a collection of diamond collars.  The collars range in prices of $150,000 to over $3 million. 

Conchita known of the 'Most Pampered Dog in the World' is on a completely different scale still.  The Chihuahua, known to her family as 'The Boss' almost choked on her own Cartier necklace.  She has her own pink racing car bed, bathroom,TV and receives weekly manicures.  Even still, her owner, Gail Posner, spends over $10,000 a month on bags, bikinis, pearls, dresses and make-up for her pampered pooch.  Although, Purebred Breeders does not in any way encourage it, it may give some ideas to the fabulous owners of some of these pampered pooches.

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