Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Purebred Breeders' Top 5 Interesting Guinness World Records For Dogs

It's no secret; dogs are entertaining, they are often brave, and they love our affection so much that many are willing to do just about anything for it. Anyone who needs proof of this will not have to search further than the internet, or even local television. However, if you want a list of some of the weirdest or most interesting dog “accomplishments” in history, you may want to take a look at the Guinness World Book of Records, under the “Dog” category. Purebred Breeders was tickled to see some of the titles won, and we think you will be too.

The Purebred Breeders' List

Can you walk down some steps (facing forward) with a glass of water on your nose or head? If your answer is yes, then you just outdid the Purebred Breeders team to join ranks with an Australian Shepherd and Border Collie mix named Sweet Pea. Sweet Pea earned the record for “most steps walked down by a dog facing forwards balancing a glass of water” on January 5, 2008. She went down 10 steps with a 10 oz glass of water at a dog show in Germany.

OK, so maybe the Purebred Breeders team is a little too taken with dogs balancing things, but we had to include Sweet Peas other quirky world record. She also holds the title of the “fastest 100m with a can balanced on head.” She earned this spot on September 3, 2008 after covering the 100 meter stretch in 2 min 55 sec.

The name Giant George is not an attempt by the owner to be cute. It is actually a literal classification for this Great Dame who currently holds two world titles: Tallest Dog Alive and Tallest Dog Ever. His size in proportion to his owner actually makes you stare, you just cannot help it. At a staggering 43 inches tall, Giant George snagged both titles on February 15 2010.

Maybe we are biased, but Purebred Breeders thinks a lot can be said about a 6.6lbs Chihuahua that made it onto the Japanese police force. If that isn't impressive enough, then how about this: she competed against German Shepherds and Golden Retrievers for the job. We thought so! Momo went on record as the “smallest working dog” on November 29 2010.

So what if you're the Frisbee champ in the neighborhood? You will never achieve Rose's status until you learn to catch six discs (one at a time), and hold them in your mouth all at once! Rose has held the record for “most flying discs (Frisbees) caught and held in the mouth by a dog” since 2010.

A search for “Dog” from the Guinness' homepage will bring you to a landing page with 24 results, and a link to view more. But only five made the Purebred Breeders' list. Feel free to explore the others on your own, and see what other interesting, amazing, and downright quirky things dogs have achieved over the years.

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