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Purebred Breeders LLC| Popular Dogs of Past Royal Families

Dogs in royal history are easy to trace for the most part. Evidence of the love various royal families had for their pooches can be found in orders past on to servants, family portraits, personal notes, and even commissioned portraits of just their canine companions. Interestingly, no one breed has been exclusively favored. Instead, different members of each royal family have had their own preferences. Additionally, some preferences were made based on trends at the time. Journey with Purebred Breeders LLC as we look back at the British royal family and their dogs.

The Bonds of Loyalty and Friendship

We understand that there are other royal families who are as smitten with their canine companions as the British are. However, the British royal family has a such long history of interesting stories with their dogs. This is why Purebred Breeders LLC has chosen to focus on them.

Take the heart warming case of Queen Victoria and Noble for example. In 1887 she commemorated the loss of Noble, her loyal Collie, with a burial on the castle grounds. She also commissioned a personalized headstone in his honor with a poetic engraving
Then, having outlived his master, King Edward VII's Terrier named Caesar walked behind the king's coffin in the funeral procession. You will realize the honor in this if you consider the importance of the affair within its context.

Princess Margaret's refusal to have breakfast in bed without her two Sealyham Terriers makes an even more amusing story. The declaration is to believed to have been made in 1959 based on a newspaper report. The matter was considered so urgent that it was posted at both Windsor Castle and Clarence House. The message? Both dogs had to be brought in with her tray!

Even the current queen is known for her love of dogs, owning up to six at a time. In fact, it is said that she attempts to personally take care of her dogs as much as her duties allow. Her breeds of choice; the Corgi and Dorgi (a Dachsund/Corgi mix).

As responsible dog breeders Purebred Breeders LLC can see how even the most powerful people of their times can be so taken with their dogs. After all, they are loveable, entertaining and loyal. You just cannot help but to love them!

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